The Best Friend You Ever Had - Your Journal

03 Sep 2020 05:00

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The day was busy. It was as if someone had been eating for hours through spring-loaded gear. It was reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. We had to stop before going home. My friend asked me to take him to see Whatsapp group names his modular home because his nephew was out of town. He apparently spoke to the salesmen and he was on the list that the front houses were up for sale.


It was almost six o'clock in the evening and we knew the exhibition area was going to be closed. Regardless, we went to one of the houses already loaded into vans, cameras. What some people don't do for the family. Georgina started taking pictures and we were both busy with the facilities offered at home. Somehow this machine consumes an hour of our time.

Despite this, we turned a light upwards. I say we did not notice because the sun was still half charged when we tried to end the day. Also, who would have thought that they would have connected a power cord to this device. When we found out what time it was, we easily panicked. I hope we were not closed! Surely someone must have seen a thug vehicle in the visitor area. One last photo and I came out of the front door.

Have you ever had a moment when your heart stopped beating? Have you ever become super sensitive to your hearing? Have you ever had a friend who needed a buffer to help breathe, especially in a stressful situation of Whatsapp dp for girls? Well, the next few minutes were only once when the devices got a painfully slow tick-off.


When I tried to put my shoe on the back level, using the front door as leveling support, I moved something to my right. I ran and called Georgina. The next thing I saw was that of a uniformed police officer who caught a tusser and asked me to keep my post. "Don't worry, officer!" I replied.

"I tell you when you don't worry. Keep your position." he cried.

At this point, I swear that I could hear the sound of static electric charge coming from the tusser; This is the voice you know when Dr. Frankenstein designed an energy release system to bring his creation to life. What happened when Georgina appeared at the door when two more officers appeared to our left. Did you have anything in your hand? It was getting a little dark and I couldn't tell.

The first officer said, "You have put on the light."

"I will get it!" Replaced Georgina. The bad thing is, she stimulates asthma with excitement, and I know that there is a buffer in her person boys dp. It was in the pickup. Her struggle to catch her breath became clear and I offered to put a light in her place so that she would not have to climb the stairs. No, this is not what the military is thinking.


I was again told not to move. As I roared, I heard a faint crying cry for help from above, then a thug. Have you ever tried to convince someone that a crisis arises when it is very relevant? When you were in your teens, you were testing the waters, holding angry parents and confronting them. I tried to stop in the middle and said that there is a medical emergency there. When I couldn't say a word, I decided to take things in a different direction. I pretended to be gagging.

The other two officers were calm and quickly came to help. As they got closer, I explained what the real problem was and I asked if I would be able to take their medicine when they investigated it. Don't really know what's going on in the house. How many people etc. were involved? An officer took the first wallet out of the truck and asked me to stop. I gave the officer a key to the truck.

A third officer arrived in Georgina and took care of her medical affairs. Soon, the first officer returned with the wallet and Georgina was able to get enough Whatsapp group links of her buffer and rest enough to breathe effectively. We had run away from campus and luckily we were not charged any admission.

We walked about ten miles when Georgina asked a question. "where is the camera?"

I said that if he sees the house, he will call him in the morning and ask about the sales clerk, explain what happened, ask for mercy and ask for his camera.

There are many reasons for keeping a journal. Magazines are essential for documentary, inspirational, devotional, emotional, intellectual, health and many other reasons. Almost every delayed problem in life is the true game of journalism.

The pressure to start a journal seems obvious, as the reason journaling becomes a lifelong habit is more subtle.

You have started your diary, for example, to document your child's growth or to inspire them to lose weight, to write their prayers, to keep an emotional dump of Whatsapp dp images, of intellectual thoughts or research. To find out, to complement health medicine, or to have similar beliefs for others. Purpose.


But you cling to it because your diary is your friend who is honest to God.

We have such good friends, people we love so much and will die for it. But there is still a little distance between me and my boyfriend, always a little autonomy. We are different people after all.

But your diary is you, so autonomy disappears.

You and your magazine are really close compared to friends, but your magazine writing can be common purpose for you and is often surprising and helpful.

For example, you do not have to explain everything in detail; Understand your diary. You can scream your fear, or get excited, or whatever you want, your diary is the same with you. You can use personal codes, rituals, and abbreviations.

You can name your diary and find out if your diary has named you.

You can make sure that every time you start writing you will get an open ear.

You are your magazine, and yet there comes a point where you realize that your magazine is more than you.

Today you record your pain and happiness, your progress and regression. Next week you will be able to read today's entry and see the significance, utility and direction of that day for the first time. You see where you are from

Looking back, you can see where you were then, where you are now. You can see that there is significant progress. Then you entertained your heart; Now you can see how that time was a natural step in your progress.


Through journalism, you begin to bring awareness to your personal strengths and the way you interact with the world around you.

Your diary brings your awareness of these realities and more satisfaction and personal peace slowly and safely. Just like the feeling you get after your close friend's entire trip.

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